I’m a fortunate person to have been loved by people in my life, but a grandparent’s love – my grandma’s love specifically – is a different thing altogether. Sometimes it was protectiveness, sometimes hopefulness, sometimes it was intense pride. Sitting here now I can’t actually picture her saying the words “I love you” out loud […]

Scenes From an Airport

Scene: man and woman getting off a flight. They hug stiffly. The kind of hug where you actually hug but your ass is way out in the breeze the whole time. Woman: this weekend was so fun Man: SO FUN W: We should do this again  M: FOR SURE W: Well, it was so good to […]

Snow Day

We spent the night of Halloween standing around the neighbors’ fire pit catching up and telling jokes. At one point midway through the conversation, we all noticed a big wet flake float down in the middle of the group. Everyone froze mid-conversation looking like they’d just seen a ghost, wondering if they were imagining things. […]


It’s November sixth, but the month and day are just placeholders. We’re short on time and everyone knows it. It was 73 degrees today and people were out in throngs. Tending to their yards. Walking dogs. Talking with neighbors. Anything to cling on to those last bits of our outside lives. The sun claws its […]

Blogging is… back?

So Twitter got bought – like, actually got bought – and people are pissed. And rightfully so. Musk seems like either a lunatic or completely in over his head but either way, the outcome is the same – people are bailing. It’s kind of a shame, because Twitter is the only social network I ever […]

Rotate 90 Degrees

A couple weeks back, I got a new Toyota 4Runner. It’s amazing and I love it. Below is a photo of the audio control panel on the steering wheel. I do not love it. Take a close look at the direction of the arrows here. Things like this make me crazy. I’m sure someone somewhere […]

Streamers are the New Talk Shows

It all started with a tweet. When I originally Negaoryx’s tweet, I ignored it. In the cover photo, I noticed the girl was a streamer and the clip had something to do with Breath of the Wild. I scrolled by casually, but it started getting retweeted and quoted enough that it finally caught my attention. […]