Endless Summer Vacation

Apropos of nothing, what follows is a track by track recalling of my experience with Miley Cyrus’ newest Album, “Endless Summer Vacation”

The title should’ve been “So Much Better Than Younger Now“.

  1. this is Dua lipa. Not in a bad way? Kinda reminds me of when Taylor was trying to be Lorde for a minute
  2. strong beach house energy. This song is a VIBE 🤙🏼 
  3. hell yes. Also beach house energy? I love songs like this that are almost like a waltz with that tempo that drones on
  4. not bad, but forgettable. +1 for harmonica
  5. Miley does the “throaty singer” thing as good as anyone right now. It’s fine.
  6. Not feeling it
  7. I might warm up to this one. I like the “max everything” approach to the production, but I can’t tell if it grates at me or not.
  8. Solid. The spacey synth is pretty killer. The vocals also have a cool shimmery thing going on in the chorus.
  9. I dig the beat in general. Sia is on this and it legit sounds like a Sia song
  10. I don’t mind it, but it doesn’t grab me or anything
  11. What an absolute gigantic, massive flex to create a song that’s about how you have your life together and you don’t have problems to occupy your time anymore. Very girl boss
  12. You cannot convince me that this song isn’t somehow an interpolated version of “In the Arms of the Angels”. You can’t take Sarah McLaughlin from us, Miley. I appreciate the earnestness in this, but it’s not why I’m putting on a Miley album tbh. I’m probably not in the target demo here though…
    1. Not a ton to be said about the demo version of a song on its original album. It’s a little self indulgent IMO.