Howdy ?

Why now? Who the hell starts a blog in 2019? Writing has long been something I enjoy doing, but for a while now, I’ve been feeling like I have something to say, but nowhere to say it. I don’t know if any of these words will find an audience outside my circle of friends, but honestly, this is as much for me as it is anyone else.

More than anything, I just want to have an online home. I’ve been wanting to have a place for the things that come to mind but I don’t want to give to someone like Facebook or whatever. This isn’t some anti-corporate manifesto (though I do think they’re a categorically terrible company) but I want something that’s mine.

So what’s with the domain name? I don’t know. I like coffee? I guess that’s kinda personal too. I’m a fan of silly things that are silly without any real agenda. I’ve had the idea to have a ridiculous domain name ever since Reply All had their silly-domainsas-ads campaign Hover. Side note: podcast ads work! There are so many good, insane TLDs available now. I settled on coffee. Why not? It’s very me.

So anyway, thanks for coming by. I hope you’ll stay. Maybe even subscribe and follow along? Either way, I’m raising my coffee mug to you for stopping by. Cheers.